• Clinic Introduction

Clinic Introduction

Pursuing preventive medicine, proposing health and longevity

Our Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower Midtown Clinic brings new value to healthcare by utilizing advanced IoT and AI systems while also introducing a wide range of diagnostic tools and tests.

Nothing is more valuable to the busy modern-day person than time.
We are earnest in our efforts to meet the demand for speedy and comfortable healthcare and strive to make your time here at the clinic most pleasant.

We wish to provide thorough preventive care through innovative medical services that allow for a fulfilling life in retirement without nursing care.

By combining the know-how and achievements in preventive medicine cultivated over the years by our group clinics, we propose to those living the 100-year life how to achieve health and longevity without relying on nursing care.

Clinic features

Conveneiently located with direct access to the station

The clinic has direct access to【Mitsukoshi-Mae Station】on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and the Hanzomon Line, and to【Shin-Nihonbashi Station】on the JR Line, and is a 3-minute walk from the South Exit of【Kanda Station】on the JR Line, and is recommended for the on-the-go business person. Conveniently located in a thriving urban hub, you can explore the shops and restaurants in the same building complex and nearby neighborhood. Additionally, because the clinic is within walking distance from Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and Otemachi Station, employees of neighboring companies have voiced their delight in having an outpatient clinic and health screening center within walking distance of the office.

Gender-segregated examination space designed for your comfort

The clinic, designed for your comfort and ease, has gender-segregated examination spaces with everything from reception to exam rooms on one floor, eliminating the hassle of moving between different floors. With a chic and calming atmosphere, we strive to provide exceptional service so that you may forget that you are at a clinic.

Equipped with a wide range of diagnostic tools to meet a variety of needs,from company medical checkups to comprehensive health screenings

Equipped with the 3.0 Tesla MRI, 80-slice CT, 3D mammogram, and other diagnostic tools, we meet various diagnostic needs. We have installed multiple endoscopy rooms to increase our capacity in the hopes of becoming an even more accessible clinic.

An on-site laboratory that allows for same-day explanation of test results

The clinic has an on-site laboratory, which allows us to provide test results promptly. For the comprehensive health screening courses, the results for the basic blood panels can be made available on the day of the appointment. By doing so, we reduce the anxiety that comes with waiting, as you may consult the physician during your appointment regarding any concerns.

Reservations, examinations, and results are all available in English

We offer full English support from the time you book your appointment with our call center, to the day of your appointment, along with pre-mailed English medical forms and translated test results. Foreign nationals can undergo a medical checkup smoothly, without the stress of a language barrier.

An outpatient services for both your primary care and secondary testing following a medical checkup

Outpatient services are available Monday through Friday. From the treatment of hypertension, dyslipidemia, digestive diseases and more, to follow-up care following your medical checkup, please do not hesitate to consult us regarding your medical needs. Together, as your primary care provider, we work to protect and promote your health.

With the Resorttrust Group’s management support, we are changing the way you receive care with the touch of hospitality

The clinic is supported by the Resorttrust Group, which specializes in the sale of exclusive VIP memberships and runs high-end hotel restaurant and golf operations as part of its integrated resort business. Utilizing the know-how cultivated within the group, we strive to provide exceptional service and hospitality in the medical field.