Telemedicine consultations

Talk to your doctor online from anywhere

The benefits of telemedicine

Less traveling, better access

Telemedicine enables you to receive care remotely, eliminating the costs and inconvenience of traveling to and from the clinic.

Saves precious time

There is no need to check in before your appointment or wait to make your payment, ensuring a fast and smooth appointment for those on a tight schedule.

You can still get prescriptions

We can send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.
*Please have the information of your preferred pharmacy ready for the appointment. The prescription will be faxed to the pharmacy once your appointment is completed.

Important information

  • Unlike in-person consultations, physicians cannot perform physical examinations or other diagnostic tests during a telemedicine consultation. A thorough evaluation may be difficult due to an insufficiency in the amount of medical information needed for diagnosis. If necessary, patients will be asked to come in for an in-person consultation or additional testing at the clinic, or they may be referred to a different medical institution.
  • For patient safety and quality of care, patients are required to visit the clinic for an in-person consultation once every 6 months or every two consecutive telemedicine consultations.
  • For new patients, please contact the clinic before scheduling an appointment to discuss symptoms. (TEL 03-3231-2071)
    As a general rule, prescriptions are limited to a quantity for 7 days of treatment for any new patient telemedicine appointments.
    We cannot prescribe narcotics or psychotropic medications to new patients via telemedicine consultations.

What you need for the appointment

A device to
receive calls on

Insurance card

Credit card

Pharmacy info

Telemedicine appointment process

①Scheduling an appointment

Please schedule an appointment using our online reservation system.
*Select either Internal Medicine (FaceTime).
*Online reservations are available for booking up to two hours before the appointment. Please call to confirm availability if it is already past the two-hour cut-off period.

・You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment is scheduled. Please contact us if you have not received it.
・Once your appointment is scheduled, please complete the medical questionnaire. Be sure to include a list of your medications, insurance information*, and preferred pharmacy information (pharmacy name including branch name, address, phone, and fax number).
*Upload a picture of your insurance card using the upload image function provided in the medical questionnaire. The upload image screen will be towards the end of the questionnaire.

②Day of the appointment

Our online consultations are conducted using FaceTime, a video call service on iPhones and other iOS devices. (*The conventional telephone consultation service, which was provided as a temporary relief measure for new coronavirus infection, has been discontinued as of July 31, 2023.)
FaceTime can also be used by Android device users by following the instructions below.

>>Procedures for using FaceTime(PDF: 280KB)

The doctor will contact you via FaceTime within approximately one hour of your appointment time.
Please be ready and waiting.

If you have made an appointment via FaceTime, please complete the initial FaceTime settings by the time of your consultation.


If a prescription is issued, we will send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.
Please contact the pharmacy directly about picking up the medication.

*Please send us your pharmacy information in advance via the medical questionnaire or have the information ready in time for your appointment.

④Making the payment

Once the appointment is complete, you will receive a payment link from our online payment system, “Paysys.” You can choose to receive this via text message or email. Payments can be made via credit card or the convenience store payment system.

Please note that for all telemedicine appointments, there is an out-of-pocket administrative fee of 1,100 yen and a service fee of 275 yen for Paysys, which is charged separately from the medical costs of the consultation.

*The fees are subject to change without notice.