• Online Reservation

Online Reservation

Our clinic offers health screenings and medical checkups are by appointment only, and outpatient appointments are given priority. Phone reservations may take longer, so Online reservations are recommended.

  • Outpatient Service

    Generally speaking, our clinic is by appointment-only, priority is given to reserved patients and patients who need emergency treatment. If you do not make an appointment, you may have to wait or we may not be able to see you the day of, we ask for your patience and understanding.

    For those with an appointment
    Please be sure to complete the"Online Medical Questionnaire"before the day of your appointment.If you do not have an appointment, please refrain from filling out the questionnaire.

  • Health Screening/
    Medical Checkup
    (original course)

    If you are applying for a health screening/medical checkup, or specialized course, please make a reservation here.
    * Currently, we are accepting Online Reservation only for health screening medical checkup and specialized courses, please apply by phone or from the chat service / inquiry window.

  • Health Screening/
    Medical Checkup
    (contract health insurance/company)

    If you are a health insurance association or company that has a contract with this clinic, please make a reservation from here.

    *At this moment, only those who have “Kanto IT Software health insurance”, “Japan Health Insurance Association(Kyokai Kenpo) ”, "The Foreign Transportation and Finance Health Insuranace Association"&"Mitsui Bussan health insurance" can make a reservation on the website.
    If your insurer is others, please contact us by phone (03-3231-2068). We will be adding other health insurance associations that you can book online.