Health Screening Process

A seamless screening process to ensure that your time here is comfortable and stress-free

Our clinic strives for appointments with little or no wait time, using a guidance assistance system that monitors traffic at the exam stations to guide patients efficiently through the various exams. Here, we will introduce what to expect of a standard health screening course from beginning to end - from scheduling an appointment to the day of the appointment and after your screening is complete. Please be sure to review this page before your appointment.

Before and after scheduling the appointment

① Choosing a course and scheduling an appointment

All comprehensive health screenings and medical checkups are by appointment only. Appointments can be made online or via telephone.
Please access the link below for details on the different health screening courses.
Health Screening Courses / Price list>

② The kit and paperwork will arrive in the mail a week before

You will receive the kit and paperwork in advance via postal mail. Prior preparation for the appointment includes fasting, collecting samples, and completing the online medical questionnaire forms. Please carefully review the instructions enclosed with the kit and the precautions available on the clinic website to prepare for your appointment.

Day of the appointment

① Checking-in

Please present your kit and paperwork at the check-in. Once we check the paperwork and sample, we will direct you to the changing room.

Minimizing the wait time,
guiding you through the exams on the fastest route, in real-time

In response to user feedback like, “I want to get this over with quickly,” and “the wait-time is stressful,” we now use tablet devices equipped with a new guidance assistance system. The system will automatically monitor traffic at each exam station and efficiently guide you through your exams. Should there be any wait time, the tablet device has a wide selection of magazines you may choose from to help pass the time.

② Getting changed

Please change into an exam gown before proceeding to the waiting area.

③ Waiting area

Our clinic has separate waiting areas for men and women ― a relaxing environment where you can pass the time until your next exam.

④ Standard exam items

Height / weight / body composition analysis / vision / hearing / blood pressure / blood panel / abdominal circumference / funduscopic exam / electrocardiogram / respiratory function test / chest X-ray / abdominal ultrasound

The guidance assistance system will automatically monitor traffic at each exam station and efficiently guide you through your exams.

⑤ Specific exam items for the different courses
Upper GI endoscopy, upper GI X-ray (barium swallow), etc.

Fast and smooth-running endoscopy rooms

We have built multiple endoscopy rooms to meet the high demand for upper GI endoscopy exams. Additionally, our clinic aims to provide a painless experience, offering the option to use sedation so you can undergo the exam in a relaxing, semi-conscious state.
Upon use of sedation, we ask that you rest in the recovery room following the procedure.

⑥ Optional exams

Plenty of optional exams to choose from

There is a wide range of optional exams to choose from based on your age, gender, family history, and lifestyle, including head MRI, chest and abdominal CT, mammogram, and more. If you are unsure which exams to add, please feel free to contact us.
Click here for a list of optional examinations>

⑦ Blood test results

Providing same-day analysis of blood tests to minimize patient stress and concern

The clinic has a laboratory built on-site, allowing us to provide prompt feedback on test results. For comprehensive health screening courses, basic blood panel results are made available on the same day. This way, you can immediately consult the physician regarding any concerns, reducing the anxiety involved with waiting.
*Available only for some of the blood panel items

⑧ Completing the appointment, getting changed, making a payment

The standard health screening takes approximately 2 hours to complete. (The length of your appointment can vary depending on the course and whether you had any optional examinations.)
Please return the tablet device and make your payment at the reception desk. We accept cash or credit card (lump sum payment only.) VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.

Furthermore, all of our clinic’s health screening courses come with a meal voucher, which will be handed to you at the check-out.
*The voucher is included in the comprehensive health screening Basic Course, Ladies Course, Midtown Course. It is NOT included in the Digestive Specialty Course, Gynecology and Breast Exam Course, and any other specialty courses.
*Individuals receiving subsidies from their insurance or a discount through the welfare service are NOT eligible for these benefits.
*Use of the voucher is subject to availability. (Please check the expiration date on the voucher upon use.)

Following the appointment

Medical checkup report

An email notification will be sent to you when your online diagnostic results are ready, in approximately 4 weeks, following your appointment.

*Please note that it may be delayed depending on the inspection content.

Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower Midtown Clinic has a safe and reliable support network in place

If by any chance an abnormality is found, we have specialty physicians available for consultations at our Outpatient Services. (Internal medicine, gastroenterology, diabetes care, and more.) Patient information is centrally managed, ensuring seamless care following your health screening and when establishing long-term care. We strive to create a clinic suitable for providing comprehensive and continuous health management. Please feel free to consult us if you have any concerns.
We also provide referrals to specialists and affiliate medical institutions in cases where more specialized testing and treatment are required.

For those needing follow-up care regarding the medical findings from their medical checkup or comprehensive health screening
Follow-up care(Outpatient Services) >